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Hongkongers share their embarrassing interview moments

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Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. When under pressure, some candidates might display weird behaviour like asking the hiring manager where the nearest bar is, or repeatedly putting on and then taking off their sun-glasses.

A post on Hong Kong Discussion Group called for candidates to share their most embarrassing experience while trying to win over an employer. We picked the top three.

1. The worst time to sneeze
The candidate sneezed when sharing his working experience with the hiring manager. He had to cover his face with his hand as the interviewer handed him a tissue and said “Take care.”

2. Not understanding accents
After meeting with the HR department, the candidate was met by the boss who was originally from India. The candidate found it difficult to understand what the boss was saying, because of his Indian accent.

The boss finished what he had to say and left the room. The candidate sat alone in the room for more than half an hour before someone came to ask why he is still there.

The Indian boss came back into the room to explain to the candidate he was free to go.

3. Seriously? A blood test?
A candidate was asked to fill in information about his blood type and horoscope on the application form. It is understandable that some bosses take horoscope very seriously, but there’s more. The company also wanted to know the blood type and horoscope of the candidate’s parents. To top it all off, candidates who made it to the final interview were requested to take an actual blood test.

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