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Hongkongers share how their bosses ruined the office party

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The party season is officially here and it’s the best time of the year for bosses and employees to put work aside for a moment and relax together. Office parties are supposed to boost staff’s sense of belonging to the organisation. But if not handled properly, they’ll have a bad office party story to tell for years.

TOPick highlighted the five worst things done by bad bosses that ruined the office party for everyone.

1. Eating like locusts 
A staff member shared that he shelled out more than 600 bucks for the company’s annual dinner but was left with nothing good to eat. The senior management team was the first to hit the buffet table and they took all the “good stuff” like lobsters and oysters before the rest of the staff could dig in.

2. Forced staff to perform
Being on stage is not something that everyone enjoys, but for some companies getting staff to perform is the easy thing to do if the boss wants free entertainment. A staff member said the worst thing about the performances is that they cater to the boss and included mainly songs from the 80s.

If bosses want to entertain staff, they should hire professional performers.

3. Using leftover goods for lucky draw
The latest electronic gadgets, cash prizes and shopping mall coupons are staff’s favorite prizes. But one staff member said the cheapskate organisation he worked for used unsold goods from the company, such as smart phone models from the year before and golf clubs, for the lucky draw.

4. Cheated the lucky draw 
Not getting a year-end bonus is demoralising, but staff can still look forward to the lucky draw to win cash and other nice items at the annual dinner. At one company, staff were eager to win prizes, only to see the company’s clients and families of bosses take home the best goodies.

5. The “lucky” boss
It is only fair that the boss has a chance to enter the lucky draw like everyone else. But any respectable boss should do the right thing and return the prize for staff to redraw in case he or she wins.

In what was described by staff as an embarrassing moment,  a boss gobbled up a cash prize worth thousands of dollars. The boss might have won the prize but he lost the respect of his team.

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