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Hongkongers share the most bizarre behaviours of colleagues

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Lunar New Year is finally out of the way, and it’s a relief to know colleagues can no longer “hunt” for red packets in the office. But the different ways that your colleagues can drive you crazy are beyond your imagination.

Here are the most unbearable behaviours of colleagues as shared in a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group.

Technical idiots
For older employees working on the computer can be a challenge, but not knowing how to operate the phone and printer is really unacceptable.

1. Doesn’t know how to dial number 9 to make a phone call.

2. Asked if the Excel document needed to be saved after making changes to it.

3. Asked why Microsoft Word is not able to open PDF files.

4. Doesn’t know how to use the printer.

5. Doesn’t know how to type.

Communication breakdowns 

1. Doesn’t check company mail box at work and asks colleagues about information that was shared in company-wide emails.

2. Asked colleagues instead of contacting the IT department when the computer breaks down.

Violence in the office 

1. Hits the printer to try to make it work.

2. Slams the computer monitor thinking that it will be fixed.

Hazards in the pantry 

1. Puts plastic, metal, styrofoam boxes or aluminium foil into the microwave oven.  And then slams the microwave oven when it is not working.

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