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Hong Kongers are unhappy with their pay and benefits

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Nearly half of creative talent in Hong Kong aren’t happy with how much they earned last year.

That is, according to font’s Market Pulse 2014/15, which surveyed 500 marketing, digital and creative talent across Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

64% of respondents in Hong Kong said they received a pay rise in 2014, with close to the same number stating they received bonuses.

Despite these percentages, around half of them think they were not fairly remunerated.

Compensation, in fact, was found to be the top priority for these talent, with 79% of Hong Kongers voicing it as their top concern when looking for new jobs.

Women were found to value money more highly than men, with 87% citing money as important when changing jobs, as compared to 72% for men.

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More than six out of 10 (62%) also said they consider development opportunities as a key consideration, followed by work culture (57%).

“This is concerning because during our conversations with talent in Hong Kong, it has become very clear that professional development, a flexible environment and a strong company culture is key to retaining top talent. Money is only one aspect of the whole package,”  said Jacqui Barratt, director of font.

When comparing agency and in-house professional development, agency folks were found to be in a better situation.

More than four out of 10 (41%) of those from an agency said they were offered development opportunities, compared to 27% in-house.

“It appears as though employers in Hong Kong across the marketing, digital and creative industry have fallen behind in their efforts to keep talent motivated and engaged,” concluded Barratt.

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