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Hong Kongers prefer moving to US, Singapore

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The United States and Singapore are the top two destinations to shift to for residents in Hong Kong.

That was one of the key findings from the International Movers Study by UniGroup Relocation, which polled the global moving patterns of its  260,000 customers for a year.

While the United States was identified as both the top origin and destination country of people moving into and out of China and Hong Kong, Singapore was the top Asian destination for people from Hong Kong.

Outside of Asia, countries such as U.K., Australia and France topped the list of origins and destinations for Hong Kong, while Western European countries like Germany, Netherlands, France, U.K. and Sweden were more popular origins and destinations for China.

However, moves from the United States to China dropped by more than 22% since 2013 concurrently.

“Tracking trends year over year since 2010, our data often points to changing economic climates in these countries and regions,” said Steve Lewis, managing director of UniGroup Relocation, Asia Pacific.

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Quan Heng, research professor at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences added that political and social environments could possibly impact the destination choice of movers.

“In 2014, more people moved out of Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong’s lack of economic growth, last year’s political instability and social environment caused some people to lose confidence and thus want to leave Hong Kong,” said Quan.

He also noted that the robust recovery of the U.S. economy and Singapore’s stable environment could have attracted more Hong Kong residents to move there.

“China experienced a trend similar to Hong Kong. Two times more people relocated from China than to China in 2014. However, Japan experienced an influx of people in 2014,” the report stated.

“Two times more people relocated to Japan than from Japan last year. In Singapore and Malaysia, the number of people moving to and from both countries is almost the same.”

Top destinations to relocate to from Hong Kong:

1. United States
2. Singapore
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Australia
6. China
7. Japan
8. France
9. The Philippines
10. Taiwan



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