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Hong Kong bank employee used and dumped by boss

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“Would you like to take a look at our insurance or bond products?” Most Hongkongers have been asked this question when they visit the bank. The bizarre thing is, very often the question comes from the teller and not a sales manager. This is how desperate banks have become to meet sales quotas.

Bank management believes everybody in the bank needs to be selling for the bank to be profitable, and even tellers have to meet sales quotas, making the bank a nightmare workplace.

A sales employee at a bank shared his nightmare experience on heawork tumblr. He said his boss exploited him and took credit away from him.

The employee said last year a number of colleagues from his branch left their jobs because of compliance issues. The boss did not replace them, and to make things worse refused to lower the sales target to compensate for the lower head count. The employee recruited a person on his own, but it took three months before the human resources department approved the hire. As expected, the performance of the bank dropped.

At the beginning of this year, the head count of the branch increased, and with it the sales performance. The employee thought that things were finally turning around, and figured the boss would appreciate him for sticking with the company during the tough times.

Instead, the boss blamed him for performing poorly last year, and replaced him with an outside hire, moving him to a less important role. He was devastated, feeling that he was underappreciated and his contributions were being taken away from him.

As the bank employee’s experience goes to show, it is impossible to anticipate what a boss might do. For staff members, there is no point in staying at a place where your feel unwanted. One’s experience and talent is something that cannot be taken away, so don’t hesitate to take them somewhere else.

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