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We’re hiring, but…

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While two thirds of 233 local companies surveyed by jobsDB indicated they will be hiring in the last quarter of this year, they are being particular about who they’re offering positions to.

Of those who said they will be recruiting in the next three months, 40% said they will be recruiting foreign talent, while 70% said they would prefer a candidate with a certain level of education – even for entry-level jobs.

But while employers value education, jobsDB’s Hiring Index Survey found only 56% of respondents prefer degree holders, compared to the 74% who said they would rather hire a diploma holder.

The report also revealed the reasons behind employers wanting to hire graduates, which included the ease in training them (50%), their ability to cope with fast paced environments (46%), and their eagerness to learn (46%).

On the flipside, the employers said the top reasons for not choosing a fresh graduate were having no available positions (67%) and high salary expectations (33%).

“According to the findings of our survey, many of the reasons behind candidates being unsuccessful in securing a job are relatively easy to address,” Angeli Beltran, managing director of jobsDB Singapore and Malaysia, said.

“It is highly important for job seekers to understand what employers are looking for and more importantly, know their own strengths and how they can contribute to the role that they are applying for.”

The report also highlighted the common mistakes made by new graduates when applying for jobs. The biggest mistakes were submitting a generic CV (42%), not including a photo in their application (35%), providing a confusing or messy CV (28%), and grammatical mistakes in the CV or cover letter (24%).

But graduates who make it to the job interview aren’t necessarily out of the woods yet.

Employers said the mistakes they make at that stage include not having done research about the company (51%), demanding better benefits or salary (40%), showing up late for the interview (33%), and asking about the salary and benefits straight away (31%).

Do you agree with these findings, or is there something else you look for in your new hires?

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