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Has Pokémon Go taken over your office?

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After much anticipation, the game finally become available in Hong Kong yesterday.

Within 15 minutes after game announced its launch in Hong Kong in Twitter, it got more than 1000 retweets and 2600 likes.  As expected the working class of Hong Kong will be crazy about the game.

Knowing that employees will be distracted by it anyway, the boss of local start-up Sunshine Interactive had decided to give staff the afternoon off on Monday to play the game.   The company released a notice on its Facebook informing all member of the staff of their special holiday.


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Posted by 喂. on 2016年7月24日

Start-ups tend to have a more open culture, but playing game at work can be a matter of life and death for some industries. Yesterday a “friendly reminder” was posted on the Facebook of The Blood and Sweat in Construction Site warning workers that they are not allowed to play the game at work or they will lose their job.

“We are paying you to work.  Not to play on your cellphone” reads a the notice entitled, “There is nobody to blame if you get fired”.

Last week, Boeing made it a company-wide policy to ban playing the game at work because employees might have a high chance of walking into machinery and hurt themselves, the message


Posted by 地盤天與地 on 2016年7月25日

Less than two weeks after its launch, the game has become talk of the office, a poll by Forbes of 66,000 people found that 69% of the respondents said they played Pokémon Go at work, with as many as one third saying they spent more than hour playing the game at work.

But their bosses don’t seem to mind. Just 3,000 of these heavy players said their boss had told them to stop, and 2,000 said they bonded with their boss over the game.  Half the respondents said they’ve bonded with coworkers, bosses or clients over the app, and 20,000 said they played with coworkers on their lunch breaks.

Moreover, up to 80% of the respondents said they exercised more as a result of playing the game.  On Reddit’s Pokémon Go Fitness page, you can read about encouraging stories on how people are getting healthier playing the game.

A boss in the Netherland certainly believes Pokémon Go is a healthy game. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, CEO and co-founder of tech site The Next Web mandated that his workers play the game daily during work hours as a way to stay active, according to an internal company-wide memo shared  on Twitter.

But many remain sceptical about the health benefits of the game  the Lifehacker reported that one need to play an insane amount of Pokemon to lose a pound.  You can get a get a better idea of how many calories is burn from chasing a pikachu from this video by  PictureFit on YouTube.

Please share with us how the viral game has affected/enhanced your workplace.

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