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Half of Gen Y professionals fear their job won’t match their personality

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When looking for a job, Millennials (more than any other generation) are known to place high priority in a company culture that matches their personality. However, it is necessary for employers to understand that Millennials are not the only generation looking for jobs that match their personality.

A new report by Universum, in collaboration between Universum, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and The HEAD Foundation, revealed that across all generations (from Gen Z to Gen X) there is a pervasive fear of not being able to get a job that matches their personality.

Surveying 18,337 individuals in 19 countries including Singapore, the report found that 53% of Gen Z are “afraid” or “very afraid” of not getting a job that matches their personality. Slightly more than half (51%) of Gen Y students and 50% of Gen Y professionals had the same fear.

Universum generation report (definition of generations)

It pointed out that even for Gen Xers, who are at the midpoint of their careers, the fear of work that does not match their personality is a top concern, with 42% of Gen X saying they fear their work won’t match their personality. Citing that fear only slightly less often than that of issues such as a lack of job security (44%) and getting stuck with no development opportunities (47%).

Universum report figure 1


Closer to home, of the 258 Gen Z, 198 Gen Y students,  246 Gen Y professionals, and 254 Gen X surveyed in Singapore, 64% of Gen Z, 66% of Gen Y students, and 60% of Gen Y professionals are afraid or very afraid of not being able to find a job that matches their personality.

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Universum report figure 2

The report also found that another common fear was that of getting stuck, not realising their career goals, with slightly more than half (53%) of Gen Y, and 47% of Gen X citing the fear.

The report pointed out that this fear of stalling without development opportunities is high in nearly every of the 19 countries surveyed.

“In those countries where economic opportunities are fewer, a fear of getting stuck is understandable. In other countries, such as Singapore and the UK, the findings surprised us because those economies are growing, even if tepidly,” the report pointed out.

In Singapore, the survey found that 65% of Gen Y students, 54% of Gen Y professionals, and 58% of Gen X were “afraid” or “very afraid” of being stagnant with no development opportunities.

Universum report figure 3


Universum report figure 4

Additionally, when asked which kind of employer they would choose if they had to choose one for the rest of their career, the report found that the majority of people across all generations would either prefer to start their own business/work for a startup (31% of Gen Z, 33% of Gen Y students, 43% of Gen Y professionals, and 41% of Gen X), or work for an international company/organisation (35%of Gen Z, 39% of Gen Y students, 31% of Gen Y professionals, and 30% of Gen X).

The report also revealed that almost half (44%) of Gen Y professionals in Singapore have the desire to start their own business.

Universum report figure 6


Universum report figure 7

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