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“Generous” boss rewards staff with Apple 7

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Throwing staff annual dinner parties with fabulous lucky draw prizes is a great way to reward staff and enhance their sense of belonging to the company.

But there are some bad bosses who ruined the party by cheating the lucky draw, giving the best prizes to the company’s clients or worse, keep the best best stuff for themselves.

Last week, this employee from Taiwan shared his heartbreaking moment at the company’s annual dinner lucky draw on Facebook.  He said he won the biggest prize of the night an Apple 7 but he really wants to cry upon receiving the gift.

He quickly snapped a picture of the grand prize and shared it on Facebook.   A picture is worth a thousand words, and he had every reason to be upset.

Looking on the bright side, he can share the healthy snack with his colleagues.  Thank you very much boss!

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Photo: Jason Hou

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