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The Futurist: What it takes for HR to be transformational

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Agnes Chan, director of human resources, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong believes a “can do” attitude make the difference for a transformational HR department.  

For human resources to move from a support function to a strategic business partner, we can no longer simply just take care of administrative duties and follow solely the requests of departments on their talent demand.

Nowadays, HR needs to engage in transformational activities rather than transactional activities. Being transactional means we are mainly involved in administrative duties such as the primary important activities of recruiting and retention.

For a transformational HR, it should be involved in activities that are strategic, forward-thinking, proactive and comprehensive. These initiatives should help change and improve the organisation. A transformational HR department will be an important contributor to the company’s future and will be engaged in activities that will help move the organisation forward.

For example, the transformational HR department will be involved in “talent management”, which is more holistic and comprehensive compared with recruiting and retention.

Attitudes make a difference for a transformational HR department. A “can do” attitude of the transformational department contributes in the brainstorming process to build on ideas and make changes that foster creativity and innovation rather than focusing on the policing and monitoring attitude of the transactional department.

This philosophy will allow employees to be resourceful; adopting technology and creativity to grow, improve and contribute to the organisation in the best way possible.

The hotel industry is not a particularly sexy industry among the younger generations so hoteliers need to think out of the box to live up to the expectations of today’s job seekers.

Fortunately, with the use of technology, we are able to greatly enhance the employee experience.

With the use of technology, supervisors can provide instant feedback on a regular basis. For example, managers can record on video their requirements and feedback, along with some best-practice demonstrations, for employees to view in their free time.

The hotel industry is about delivering great services and you need great people to achieve that. This ongoing performance review approach is able to promote service standards consistently, inspire changes and help people improve more quickly.

The June 2016 issue of Human Resources magazine is a special edition, bringing you interviews with 32 HR leaders, with their predictions on the future of HR.

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