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The Futurist: HKSAR assistant labour commissioner comments on HR in 2026

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Employers must place focus on family-friendly policies, details Melody Luk Wai-Ling, assistant commissioner for labour (labour relations), labour department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

Looking ahead, the competition for talent will be very intense. Against this backdrop, the adoption of suitable HR management practices makes perfect business sense.

There are often doubts over what focus should be placed on developing an employee-friendly workplace – we suggest a possible choice is family friendliness.

As most employees have family members to take care of, making the workplace family friendly will enable employees to balance both their work and family commitments.

HR professionals have an important role to play in this sphere. With their expert understanding of the profiles of their employees and business needs of their enterprises, they are best tasked to identify and introduce practical measures for implementing suitable family friendly HR practices in their own enterprises.

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