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The Futurist: FANCL’s Collin Lam on getting HR to become business-minded

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Collin Lam, regional director of human resources and administration, Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited (FANCL) predicts in 2026, HR people will  no longer exist as a corporate function and will be integrated with the business.  

Ten years from now, HR will no longer be a separate function, but integrated into the business strategy team. HR professionals as a gatekeeper or corporate function will no longer exist; instead HR will require systems, operations, sales and business experience.

The work of HR will no longer be confined to an office. It will adapt to a mobile non office-bound work style. This will be made possible by technology, so long as HR is able to access its database and carry out daily operations via mobile or handheld devices.

Processing times will be shortened by 50%, with most of the employees’ administrative matters done by employees themselves, similar to e-banking services.

Face-to-face training will no longer be necessary; knowledge sharing and learning – one or 1000 people – via videos/digital portals will be the mainstream.

Recruitment will be done with the help of online artificial assessment tools, followed by a fully online “interview” process.
The process of managing workforces will be more efficient than ever; localised teams for administrative matters only, if needed at all.

Language will be the only barrier across countries for international mobile workforces.

A lean team of HR professionals will oversee a huge population. Compensation and benefits processes will be integrated into online banking and transaction systems.

Annual appraisals will be replaced by weekly/monthly staff-coaching meetings via video conferencing and app-based assessments.

Facing such drastic changes, HR needs to adjust its traditional mindset from a labour-intensive linear process-driven enterprise to an information-focused, multi-dimensional simultaneous interactions business model.

To cope with the new job nature, it needs to improve its IT literacy to be part of the business.

Taking up the profit and loss statement (P&L) responsibilities will be a good start and will help HR people to think like a business owner.


The June 2016 issue of Human Resources magazine is a special edition, bringing you interviews with 32 HR leaders, with their predictions on the future of HR.

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