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The Futurist: Entry level HR jobs will disappear eventually, says James Foo

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James Foo, head group HR, ABR Holdings affirms a decade from now, HR automation software will take over functions such as benefits administration, leave modules and payroll.

In a decade from now, HR departments will be focused on talent acquisition and management and employee engagement.

HR automation software will take over functions such as benefits administration, leave modules and payroll. Most of these functions are relatively routine and time-consuming. Once automated, employee self-service online will free HR staff to focus on their strategic roles.

Other HR functions I foresee to be outsourced are benefits and wellness claims, recruitment, learning and development and compensation. These roles can be undertaken by HR specialist companies or consolidated to the company’s shared services.

Strategic HR functions in a decade from now will mainly involve large data analysis and creating strategic value to partner the business strategy. With HR automation and outsourcing on the rise, in-house HR will downsize.

In addition, I also believe entry level HR jobs will disappear eventually. Plus, recruitment roles will become more specialised, and operate in a manner akin to marketing functions.

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