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Lies lying

Freaky Friday: Teacher lies about dying child for leave

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A British teacher has cost her employers £100,000 (S$194,900) in paid sick days after lying about a young dying relative to get more time off.

Kelly Baker claimed her young relative had lost function in his legs, was in a coma and dying of cancer – a ruse she managed to maintain for a year. The fib was revealed when the headmaster at the school she worked at paid a visit to the hospital to visit the child, The Daily Mail reported.

In an attempt to make her lies more believable, Baker had produced fake medical certificates and had also phoned the school to say she couldn’t face teaching her students.

“Baker initially took a month off citing family trauma and saying the child had been taken ill. Then, 18 months later, she said he had had lost the use of his legs before falling into a coma caused by a faulty ventilator starving him of oxygen,” Prosecutor Steve Harmes said.

“Two months later she said he had regained consciousness but was in a high dependency unit and unable to recognise members of his family.”

Harmes said further investigations found the boy to be healthy and never hospitalised.

Baker has been suspended from teaching for two years after admitting to the fraud, and has also been sentenced to six months imprisonment.

“She abused the trust of the school authority and her colleagues and her conduct did have serious financial implications for the school,” a panel from the General Teaching Council for Wales said.

This was not the first time Baker had lied to get time off work, according to the DM.  She had previously lied about needing time off to attend her father’s funeral, and had faked 13 different ailments including a broken arm, fractured ribs, and dislocated hip.

It was also discovered she had forged one of her references to get a job at the school she was teaching at.

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