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Five tips for conducting your next performance review

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Performance reviews can be hugely beneficial to employers and employees. When conducted correctly they can help identify the need for more employee training and identify untapped talent. But careful preparation is essential to make sure the appraisal process is valuable, successful and relevant.  Use these tips to make your next round of appraisals run as smoothly as possible.

Be prepared
Schedule the performance reviews when you are doing your yearly planning so that both you and your employees are prepared and have set time aside in your schedules.

According to research on, most employers conduct their appraisals once a year (40%), with some employers conducting them once a quarter (19%) or once a month (17% ). Whether it is an annual or monthly appraisal, make sure you have ample time to prepare, conduct the reviews and offer feedback. 

Keep a record
Even if your appraisals are more informal make sure to take notes and document your feedback. Being able to compare your notes allows you to see whether your employees are taking your advice onboard, need more training or are ready for a promotion.

In more formal appraisals ask the employees to bring along documentation of their accomplishments, so that you don’t miss anything.

Look at the bigger picture
When conducting the reviews keep the company’s broader goals in the back of your mind. Workers that can show how their goals impact the company have a chance of being tapped to lead an exciting project, a promotion or a bonus. If your employees have a different idea, this is the time to straighten this out and make sure you land on the same page.  At the end of the appraisal, make sure they know what key performance indicators, targets or goals they should be hitting.

Recognising potential
Take time to identify areas of interest of your employees. They may have outside pursuits that could benefit the company with the right guidance. Someone could be struggling in a department or on a project because their passions lie elsewhere. Use the appraisal to make sure your employees are realising their full potential. Remember a happy worker is a productive worker.

Allow employee feedback
According to CareerBuilder, almost a quarter of employers (24%) do not ask for feedback on managers, and 8% of managers are evaluated less than once a year. Appraisals should be viewed as a kind of conversation, allow your employees to give their honest feedback on your own performance so that you can better serve them and the company in the future.

The appraisal is a great way to align your goals with employees, give constructive criticism, receive feedback from your employees and spot untapped talent. This will go a long way to making your department more successful in reaching its goals.

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