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The five Olympic athletes you meet at work

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With the Olympic Games Rio 2016 having recently ended and the Paralympic Games picking up pace, many of us have been inspired by the performance of these athletes with some even wishing to take their place in Rio instead of sitting behind a computer at our desks all day.

However, did you know that our common working styles – working late, failing to delegate, not being able to keep away from emails or working through the weekend – isn’t that much different from the disciplines of these Olympic athletes?

According to a new research from Opus Energy, seven in 10 (70%) business decision makers admitted to failing to delegate, while 62% checked their emails constantly throughout the day.

Almost half (47%) have worked through a weekend, due to work commitments and 74% revealed that their relationships with their partner, friends or family have been affected by working long hours.

When thinking about what success looked like, the respondents stated that the reputation of the company and their own success were the most important things to them.

But wait a minute, how does this relate to sports?

The responses above shows an archetypal ‘weightlifter’ attitude, evidenced in the fact that they barely take a break, with only 15% saying they pace themselves by going for a walk during the day.

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Louise Boland, managing director at Opus Energy, commented: “Determination, passion and diligence are some of the buzz words we use in the workplace, which similarly we can see in how our top sportspeople.”

He added that being the best in any field of discipline doesn’t come easy and can have consequences in our personal life, potentially causing us to burn out and making it difficult to keep personal lives and work separate.

“Working long hours and trying to get involved with everything takes up a huge amount of energy, but ultimately, as with sports professionals, it’s all worth it in the end,” she said.

In line with that, these are the five different athletes you are likely to see at work.

The weightlifter
This colleague takes the responsibility of the whole company on their shoulders; getting involved in every aspect of the business, from finding new business, to strategy, and everything else in between.

The archer
This co-worker has their eye on the future vision of their company and the targets required for the quickest way to get there with the least amount of fuss. They understand that nurturing their business requires their employees to be motivated, inspired and happy in their work.

The pole vaulter
This employee is constantly raising the bar for themselves and for their colleagues. They are excellent delegators, preferring to focus on strategy rather than day-to-day tasks

The decathlete
loves a challenge. Sometimes they’re not sure where work ends and home begins, but, for a decathlete, it’s worth it for the feeling of satisfaction at the end

The sprinter
prone to sudden bursts of energy and inspiration, leaving them running miles ahead of their competitors. They’re so caught up with always moving forward that sometimes they forget to look back and see if their business is keeping up

Find out which athlete you are here.

Boland recommended: “Success at work requires a good level of dedication, but people also need to know when to draw a line in the sand for the day and go home. Taking on too much will negatively impact them and their team, so it’s best to pick the race they want to win and smash that instead of stretching themselves too thin.”

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