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Feel Good Friday: Britain’s oldest office boy turns 100

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A 100-year-old man has been working at the same security firm post-retirement for 34 years, making him Britain’s oldest employee.

Jim Clements, who retired in 1978 as an engineer, took up his current role soon after and says he has no plans for a second retirement in the near future.

“I do some filing, shredding documents, answering the phone, photocopying and making the tea for the girls,” he told The Daily Mail.

Speaking of the ladies, Clements is also known to be a flirt around the office, where he works twice a week.

“I have a laugh with the girls in the office, I pull their leg and they pull mine,” he said, adding they often give him rides home.

Hi colleagues are “gobsmacked” he is still working despite being 100, with one co-worker, Jacky Cowley, calling Clements “amazing”.

“He is a lovely man and a real character. He has a wicked sense of humour and is very highly thought of by everyone,” Cowley said.

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