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Ex-headmistress of Hing Tak School seeks help from Labour Department

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After losing her job on August 18, Chan Cheung Ping, the former headmistress of Hing Tak School in Tuen Mun, has reached out to the Labour Department seeking compensation for unfair dismissal, RTHK reports.

According to Chan, the school has violated section nine of the employment ordinance by dismissing her without compensation. She has requested an official notice of compensation from the school via the Labour Department.

Section nine of the employment ordinance states that an employer may terminate a contract of employment without notice or payment if the employee wilfully disobeys a lawful and reasonable order, engages in misconduct, is guilty of fraud or dishonesty, or is habitually neglectful in their duties.

In response to Chan’s request, school board member Lui Ki Cheung said the board consulted legal experts before dismissing her. He believes the chance of her getting compensation is very slim and said he wishes she would take back her request.

Chan got into trouble for allegedly inflating the number of students in the school’s books and was sacked after a majority of the members on the school board backed the decision to dismiss her.

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