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Realising the true potential of employer branding

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In today’s fast developing world – and particularly within the technology industry – there is a huge range of exciting career opportunities for talent people.

But being in a position to compete for these top candidates begins with appealing to them as an employer of choice before they even apply for a job with you.

“The importance of your employer brand cannot be overestimated,” says Dave Ansell, regional head of talent acquisition south & Oceania at Ericsson.

“It’s fundamental to recruiting and retaining the best talent and therefore your ability to develop a high performing culture throughout the business.”

Join Employer Branding APAC 2014 to hear more from Ansell, alongside Matt Kaiser, employer branding & digital strategy global talent acquisition manager, about Ericsson’s journey to building a strong employer brand

“If you want to compete for the best then it starts with understanding and promoting an employer brand that appeals to them.”

To hear more about Ansell and Kaiser’s presentation, register your seat now.

Employer Branding APAC 2014 will be held on the 10th of July at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore. 


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