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Dr John Sullivan
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Why HR needs to employ best practices in recruiting

Known as “the Michael Jordan of hiring”, recruitment expert Dr. John Sullivan lists a few reasons why using the most progressive recruitment practices can help HR significantly.

A best practice is a unique leading-edge solution applied at a noted firm to an emerging recruiting problem. It is “best” because a firm known for its excellence in management is implementing it.

A best practice cannot be an idea that is not been proven or a theory. However, it is unique because it has been implemented at less than 5% of major firms.

These are a few reasons why you need to know best practices:

You can trade for other best practices: When you’re trying to get detailed benchmark information from another firm or professional, they are more likely to provide it if you have information on the best practices of well-known firms to trade.

Best practices in another functional area may be used to trade for a solution to a problem you have.

You can look like an expert: Knowing best practices makes you appear current and knowledgeable in your field.

Colleagues, managers and recruiters will all be impressed with your broad knowledge of “what’s happening” on the leading edge in your field.

If you present them as an answer to a major problem on SlideShare or on a YouTube instructional video, that visibility will impress many, and they may contact you for advice.

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Best practices are great conversation starters: One of the best ways to start any conversation with a professional is “Is your firm facing this problem? And did you know that firm X has already implemented a successful solution to it?”

Knowing that you have something that they will want to hear about will also build your own confidence and you will be more willing to approach professionals and start a conversation.

Colleagues, managers and recruiters will all be impressed with your broad knowledge of “what’s happening” on the leading edge in your field.

You can compare your firm’s programmes to the best: Knowing what the very best firms are doing or beginning to implement can serve as a benchmark that you can compare yourself to.

You can tell whether you are providing your firm with a competitive advantage.

A lower risk by copying and adapting an existing programme: You can lower your risk by waiting until someone else “goes first”. You can therefore use the experience of others to give yourself a head start in developing your own version of a proven program.

Because you know the issues and problems, you’re less likely to make a major mistake. And in addition, your executives are likely to be much more willing to adopt a programme that has a track record of operating successfully.

Some of the most effective approaches for finding unique best practices include:

• Ask professionals or recruiters that you meet, including those where you work to reveal the best practices that they know.

• Look for HR, talent management and recruiting awards on the Internet. Companies that win awards are almost always of those with best practices.

• Follow the benchmark firms in recruiting (Google, Sodexo, CACI, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Deloitte, Marriott, EY, Tata)

• Schedule phone calls with authors that you’ve read online to find out more information about the best practice and to refer you to their sources.

Called “the Michael Jordan of Hiring” by Fast Company magazine, Dr John Sullivan is an international author specialising in providing bold and high-impact strategic HR solutions to the world’s biggest organisation. He has written over 10 books, contributed articles to every major business magazine in the world and had a distinguished career in HR management culminating as the chief talent officer of Agilent Technologies. Sullivan is a one of the headline speakers at Talent Management Asia 2015.

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