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Act globally, think locally about employer branding

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When it comes to creating and implementing employer branding strategies, organisations must pay attention to the message they are communicating to specific markets.

As parts of our wider society – and brands – become borderless, it is crucial for human resources professionals and business leaders understand the implications of culture for branding strategies, approaches and decision making.

“Cultural differences are bound to generate differences in thought processes, whether it be religion, ethnicity and socio-economic factors, or more subtle culture like openness to outside influence or the ability to challenge”, says Yukiko Hiizumi, vice president, regional lead of global markets campus recruitment & Tokyo campus recruitment team lead, global human resources, at Barclays.

Speaking at Employer Branding APAC 2014, Hiizumi will discuss how businesses heading into rapidly growing economies can balance their desire to expand with a full understanding of culture and the communication of their brand.

“If the understanding, acceptance and ability to work through cultural differences does not keep pace, it can be the difference between success and failure.”

To hear more from Hiizumi and others about branding across borders, book your seats now.

Employer Branding APAC 2014 will be held on July 10th at the Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore. For more information on the event, please visit the website.


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