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Eight key topics for Employee Healthcare Interactive disclosed

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Asia Pacific – Human Resources, Asia’s only regional media & events brand, has announced the main topics of the region’s most comprehensive forum on healthcare benefits for the modern workforce, Employee Healthcare Interactive.

This year’s conference is exclusive to senior HR professionals and executives from premier organisations and companies – it is free to attend but only on an invitation-only basis.

Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 will focus on eight core subjects that research shows are the critical issues that HR practitioners in Asia are facing today. These are:

1. Healthcare investment outlook in Asia – Key observations on healthcare trends and its potential impact on various areas of business, including employee welfare, compensation costs, economic outlook and staff rewards.

2. Participation of the top management – How will you engage top management about the value of investing in corporate healthcare and wellness programmes? What are the business advantages of having a fit, healthy and well-motivated workforce?

3. Health and financial wellness – What are the best approaches in helping employees prepare for unexpected health-related events that may cause financial woes and poor performance at work? What are the benefits and health programmes which can help ease these financial issues?

4. Big data on health insurance – A look into the expanding role of big data in health insurance: What are the most effective strategies that can drive value from healthcare analytics?

5. Healthcare innovation – What are the latest big ideas in healthcare programmes that HR can take advantage of? What types of health benefits are making the biggest impact on organisations and satisfying needs for productivity, engagement and retention?

6. Healthcare costs – Discover how your organisation can reduce costs and increase value at the same time in effecting employee healthcare programmes. What works, what doesn’t, and what can wait?

7. Retirement for the ageing workforce – Evaluating and selecting the right retirement programmes for the older workforce: What strategies are needed to keep the benefits cost effective and sustainable at the same time?

8. Integrated healthcare and wellness strategy – What makes an integrated health and wellness programme effective in the long run and valuable to an organisation’s overall business strategy? How can it address the challenges in employee wellbeing and workplace stress?

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Employee Healthcare Interactive, an invitation-only forum for director and VP-level HR professionals, is taking place in Singapore on December 3, 2015.

HR leaders and industry experts will gather to discuss healthcare issues and trends, including policy development, healthcare innovation, rising healthcare costs, data analytics and technology, retirement programs and wellness strategies.

Delegates will receive data-driven insights and valuable recommendations on a unique interactive format and during keynote sessions, case studies presentation, panel discussions, and networking breaks.

You can find more about Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 and how to request an invitation by visiting the event website

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