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How to design an effective corporate healthcare strategy

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The increasing demands of today’s workforce, regulatory changes and profitability pressures are among the issues impacting on employee health & wellness programmes.

The challenge in introducing wellness schemes to the workplace is to define its value to the business and then set budgets accordingly. As such, Employee Healthcare Interactive is gathering senior HR executives from large companies in Asia to lay down the elements of an effective integrated health & wellness strategy.

Employee Healthcare Interactive is an exclusive, invitation-only one-day event for 100 senior VP and director-level HR practitioners which will take place in Singapore on 3 December at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“It’s time for organisations to fully accept that ensuring an employee’s physical health is no longer enough,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources.

“Strategic wellness initiatives do not only reduce healthcare costs but also improve an employee’s well-being, which is a huge factor in meeting the demands of one’s professional life.”

Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 will address issues in corporate healthcare that are considered critical in the decision-making process of HR executives and compensation & benefits managers, such as integrated health & wellness strategy.

In an interactive session, Eudora Choo, vice president of benefits governance for APAC at Deutsche Bank, will reveal how integrated health & wellness programs can increase market competitiveness and differentiation while driving up employee well-being and reducing workplace stress.

Choo is responsible for regulatory compliance, financial management, strategic and creative drive of a wide array of benefits programme for 18,000 employees in Asia.

Kathy Goh, director of global human resources shared services at DFS Venture, will join her in the discussion. Goh has previously worked as Asia operations manager & Asia payroll manager for Citi and as vice president of group human resources for MediaCorp.

“Employee Healthcare Interactive is a one-of-a-kind forum where HR directors can learn how to successfully implement integrated health & wellness schemes from their peers that have already experienced its benefits both on organisational and commercial levels,” said Jenilyn Rabino, regional producer at Human Resources.

Open only to director and VP-level in-house HR professionals, Employee Healthcare Interactive will discuss corporate healthcare issues and trends affecting the HR sector, including policy developments, healthcare innovation, rising healthcare costs, data analytics and technology, retirement programmes, and wellness strategies.

Human Resources’ unique interactive format promises to make real conversations happen among Employee Healthcare Interactive delegates. They will also receive data-driven insights and expert recommendations during keynote sessions, case studies presentation, panel discussions, and networking breaks.

Senior HR professionals who do not want to be left behind can visit the event website for more information and updates or contact Jenilyn Rabino on Tel: +65 6423 0329 or

Human Resources magazine and the HR Bulletin daily email newsletter:
Asia's only regional HR print and digital media brand.
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