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How to avoid making a bad hire

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Every HR professional knows the cost of a bad hire can be detrimental to a company’s profitability; not just in monetary terms, but also with regards to team morale and effectiveness.

However, the factors deciding a ‘good’ candidate from a ‘bad’ one might not be as easily deduced through an interview as technical know-how.

In fact, a myriad of other factors also come into play, and that is when the process starts to get tricky.

“It is more straightforward to test for technical skills and assess capability, but it is known that the majority of new hire failures come from culture or personality style mismatch,” says Alan Yeo, head of talent acquisition SEA, North Asia & Pacific at Nielsen.

So, how can HR get better at going beyond the technical tests to assess the suitability of candidates? What exactly should one look out for?

“Assessing for these ‘softer’ elements is much tougher and requires a clear correlation of organisational values with identifiable behaviours,” Yeo adds.

“It is also critical to have well-trained interviewers who are able to elicit and observe traits like collegiality, the ability to fulfill the competencies of the role, motivational fit, and a consistent framework for comparison and evaluation.”

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