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How Astro developed its prize-winning career website for candidates

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The first medium for job candidates to connect with a potential employer is through their career website, and Astro and FOREFRONT International have got amongst the best websites in Malaysia for the job.

They were awarded the gold and silver respectively for their efforts at the inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards in Malaysia, where each submission was judged by HR leaders from top companies across Asia.

Astro embarked on a facelift of its Astro Careers webpage in January this year, in order to tackle the challenges of representing the company’s employer branding rightly, compelling appearance and functionality of the portal, and the implementation of an applicant tracking system (ATS).

To put the plan into action, the team designed the website to showcase the “fun and exciting” ambience in the firm, using photos, videos and quotes. The colour magenta was deployed consistently, even as the site moved away from a text-heavy format.

Other forms of activation, such as optimising the site for all browsers and phones, as well as the ATS, were implemented, which shot the page views up on the career site by 217% in just one year.

Said Adeline Boey, senior associate for youth outreach at Astro Malaysia, said: “The facelift of Astro Careers page was the brainchild of our effort in communicating our Go Beyond brand.”

“It integrates the employer and corporate brand, as well as improves user and candidate experience, for both web and mobile users.”

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Not far behind was FOREFRONT International with its career portal for existing and aspiring “Forefronteers”.

Starting from scratch, to developing clear cut copy that reflected the brand personality, the key messages were relayed with the help of the HR team, and internal meetings with the marketing communications team.

As a result of the changes made to the career portal, the site has registered a large increase in the number of user sessions, measured per Google data.

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