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AIA Vitality: the first step to business success

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In a time when the war for talent is ongoing, the prevalence and demand for good benefits across Asia are growing. Especially in mature markets such as Hong Kong, employee benefits offerings are evolving fast. For companies looking to stay relevant and attractive to current and future talent, it is critical to listen to what employees have to say, and offer innovative programmes, while being aware of the challenges of their implementation and delivery.

On 11 May, AIA was proud to sponsor the Employee Benefits Asia 2017 Conference, which helps employers improve awareness of the options, challenges and solutions available to them when it comes to providing the optimum benefits package to their employees. The event saw nearly 200 HR professionals gaining insights into some of the  biggest C&B trends through a series of keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions.

Delivering one of the presentations was Peter Crewe, chief executive officer (designate) at AIA Hong Kong and Macau. He spoke to the delegates about helping employees achieve longer, healthier and better work lives, and the role both companies and service providers can play in achieving this.

“All of you can craft the future of your employees. It’s how you collaborate with vendors and business partners that can make a difference,” he said.

He pointed out the importance of working with the right partners for employers to get the best and most cost-effective solutions for their staff.  Additionally, he explained how AIA was working with stakeholders to keep the cost of medical benefits manageable.

“The costs of benefit programmes are escalating. As an employer and service provider, we have a responsibility to control that cost,” he said.

One of the ways in which AIA is helping keep costs down is by looking beyond the traditional core focus on post-treatment medical claims by also looking at prevention. One of its newest tools is AIA Vitality – a wellness engagement programme for corporates that allows them to support employees in staying healthy.

The science-backed employee health and wellness programme delivers innovative employee benefits with a focus on health and wellness. It allows employers to offer knowledge, tools and motivation in the form of rewards to staff to encourage healthier living.

The programme provides a win-win-win situation, as the employer, employees and the insurer all benefit from healthier people with lower medical bills. Improved employee productivity and engagement offer an even stronger rationale for introducing the programme.

During one of the panel discussions, Thomas Lee, chief corporate solutions officer at AIA Hong Kong and Macau, also elaborated on the important role that employers play in promoting workplace well-being.  Therefore, in conjunction with AIA Vitality, AIA has also launched the “Healthiest Workplace”, a survey among employees and employers across four pilot markets to assess organisations’ status quo with regards to employee health and wellness.

The Healthiest Workplace survey results put companies in a good place to reflect on their employee wellbeing strategies and identify areas with room for improvement.

Every business wants to thrive, but true success is only possible with the help of highly engaged, motivated and productive employees. Healthy living lies at the foundation of such a workforce, and evaluating and addressing the current health of your workforce are the first steps towards business success.

This article was brought to you by AIA.

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