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Old and new jobs, endangered careers

The most endangered jobs of 2014

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It’s bad news for farmers, mail carriers and newspaper journalists.

As the world’s career landscape continues to change and adapt alongside new technological advances and needs, certain careers are being kicked to the curb in the fast-moving 21st Century.

According to CareerCast’s 2014 Jobs Rated report, the list of endangered jobs continues to grow as technology impacts and shrinks the market.

Mail carrier is the most endangered job of all, finishing 200 out of 200 careers examined in the report. It has an expected hiring outlook decline of 28% by 2022, which doesn’t bode well.

Farmers and newspaper journalists are also facing a declining industry, with layoffs rife within the media sector and print budgets declining all over the world. Plus, the shift to consumers getting news online has drastically changed the face of the industry.

While there is a somewhat common theme to a lot of these declining jobs (paper is the common denominator for mail carriers, journalists, lumbeerjacks and print workers) it’s not the only factor behind the endangerment.

“Sometimes, advancements render the need for certain jobs moot. Meter reader is one such field,” a CareerCast report stated.

“A growing number of gas and electric companies are installing electronic meter readers that instantly provide usage updates. The result is a 19% job decline anticipated by 2022.”

The most endangered jobs of 2014 (USD)

1. Mail Carrier
Annual Median Salary: $53,100
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -28%

2. Farmer
Annual Median Salary: $69,300
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -19%

3. Meter Reader
Annual Median Salary: $36,410
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -19%

4. Newspaper Reporter
Annual Median Salary: $37,090
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -13%

5. Travel Agent
Annual Median Salary: $34,600
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -12%

6. Lumberjack
Annual Median Salary: $24,340
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -9%

7. Flight Attendant
Annual Median Salary: $37,240
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -7%

8. Drill-Press Operator
BLS Annual Median Salary: $32,950
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -6%

9. Printing Worker
BLS Annual Median Salary: $34,100
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -5%

10. Tax Examiner and Collector
BLS Annual Median Salary: $50,440
Hiring Outlook by 2022: -4%

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