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Empowered staff demand greener workplaces

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When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and providing a wholesome, clean and green workplace, are you really doing enough to keep your empowered employees satisfied?

According to a new study, 75% of employed adults in the US say they would insist upon change if they saw their workplace partaking in wasteful practices. On top of this, 67% said they would “report” their company if it harmed the environment.

These findings from a survey of more than 900 employees in the US by Harris Poll, commissioned by Ricoh Americas Corporation, also found 44% of staff agree with the following statement: “I would rather be unemployed than work for a company that’s knowingly harming the environment.”

It’s a bold statement from today’s workforce, who are more mindful and cautious about how their profession and the company they work for affect the environment in the long-term.

“It certainly is a new world of work,” said Jason Dizzine, director of technology marketing at Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Forty-four years ago, whether a workplace was conservation-minded or not, being green just wasn’t a substantial part of everyday conversations.

“Today’s workers, however, are more mindful of the fact that natural resources are scarce and that the planet can sustain only so much consumption. This is a wonderful cultural evolution.”

However, despite the noble intentions of today’s employees, a number admit they often fall short of their own expectations.

Nearly half of employees polled (46%) said they feel guilty they’re not doing enough to help the environment, while 68% said they do more for the earth at home than at work.

Earth Day 2014 falls tomorrow on April 22nd. The day encourages billions of people all over the world to plant trees, clean up their communities and contacted their elected officials on behalf of the environment. Go here for more information.

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