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How employers are celebrating Ramadan with staff

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Community leaders joined workers and staff at the upcoming Paya Lebar Quarter, a project by Lendlease, for iftar today, as a celebration of diversity in the project team, and an early Raya observance for Muslim workers away from their home countries.

Muslim workers make up 65% of the site’s 500-strong workforce, and Lendlease has rolled out special initiatives for their care this month, such as stickers on hardhats to help workers know who to look out for, and translations of Islamic Irsyad (religious decree) into Bengali for the Bangladeshi majority.

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The company will also roll out a biometric system to ensure that workers get adequate rest, by preventing access for those who have worked the maximum amount of hours allowed a week.

This is on top of the regular dormitory visits to review living conditions, and on-site initiatives such as, canteen with an on-site cook, sheltered and well-ventilated rest areas with clean shower facilities, regular health checkups and air-conditioned buses for workers to travel to-and-from the work site.

Richard Paine, MD of Paya Lebar Quarter, Lendlease, commented: “This very special session is to thank and celebrate with our Muslim partners as they continue working hard to create the best places with this project during Ramadan, and for everyone in the project that has been helping, caring and watching out for them.”

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