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Employees waste 1.5 hours everyday

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The average employee wastes up to 86 minutes a day in the office on things which can be avoided by being organised and planning ahead.

The bad news is the amount of time increases to between 91 and 98 minutes for those who are distracted at work (25%), looking or storing files (14%) or are physically uncomfortable with their workspace (13%), according to a report by Steelcase Solutions.

Other reasons include travelling to and from buildings (13%), finding colleagues for a meeting (12%) finding a place to meet with colleagues (11%) and access to technology (12%).

“If the basics of natural light, air quality, proper furniture is coupled with good access to what an employee needs, it is evident that the worker feels more empowered to make effective decisions, communicate better and come up with more creative and constructive ideas,” Oliver Ronald, workplace strategy director at Steelcase Solutions, said.

“These factors have an impact on a company’s bottom line. An uninspired workforce can cost thousands of pounds per year, whereas a motivated and well equipped team will definitely improve the company’s performance.”

With the start of another week upon us, now is probably as good a time as any to relook at how we’re spending our hours in the office.

Forbes shares three time management tips for busy professionals:

1. It’s okay to say no
Understanding your limits and prioritising your time will help you give your best to the task at hand.

2. Take time for yourself
Make a conscious effort to block off some time each day to reflect, take a breather and prepare for upcoming tasks.

3. Expect the worst
Including buffer time into your schedule for unexpected meetings or hiccups will ensure those interruptions are less disruptive.

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