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Employees think they were lied to after joining the company

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In a report entitled The Employer Brand Credibility Gap: Bridging the Divide, global communication firm Weber Shandwick, in partnership with KRC Research found that only 19% of employees globally perceive a strong match between how their employer represents itself and what they experience. This massive gap shows how far employee’s experiences and expectations are apart and this can seriously harm a company’s reputation.

“Employer branding has become an imperative in an era where talent is hard to recruit, change is rampant, engagement is weak, and Millennials have their sights on the next job,” said Kate Bullinger, executive vice president and global lead, employee engagement & change management at Weber Shandwick in a statement. “A credible employer brand revolves around a compelling narrative that is authentic, recognisable and brings to life the actual experience employees have working at an organisation, whether it is the culture, leadership, training, opportunities or communications.”


Although the level of employer brand credibility is disappointing at 19%, the study did indicate there is a lot of space for firms to improve. Only a minority 7% of respondents said that they, “resolutely disagree that there is any alignment between what employers say about themselves and what they experience.” The vast majority (74%) fell somewhere in between, these are “marginally aligned” employees. And employers have an opportunity to change perceptions about their company and their brand that employees can recognise, believe in and promote.

The survey is based on the online responses of 1,902 full-time employees across 19 markets worldwide. It follows the 2014 study; Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity in Employee Activism, about how employee activists were sparking a new social movement in the digital age.

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