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Your employees have little pride in their work

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Employees have not been displaying high levels of engagement lately. In fact, they have been found to be increasingly lacking in fulfillment, pride and commitment to their jobs.

The “Value of Work” survey conducted by on a pool of 2,000 Americans discovered how employees value what they do for a living.

It revealed much lower levels of job satisfaction, as only 38.5% of respondents in 2013 reported to be “personally fulfilled” by the work they do, compared with 59.2% in 2012.

Slightly more than half (52.3%) of employees reported to be “100% committed” to their work or career, significantly lower than the 71.4% of them who felt the same last year.

“Employees may be taking a harder, more critical look at their lives, their work and personal situation. They’re evaluating their careers by measuring overall fulfillment and asking, what does my career add to my life? Am I where I want to be in life?” Abby Euler, general manager at, said.

According to the study, the majority of employees were also found to feel less passionate about their jobs, claiming they work primarily to gain a pay check (72%) above anything else. This number has increased from 55% in 2012.

Additionally, only 13.7% of respondents said their job provided them with a sense of accomplishment.

Another study by Robert Walters, revealed career progression to be an important factor to the retention of workers, with 80% of professionals in Asia vacating a role due to the lack of it.

Euler suggested the “psychological toll of the great recession” might cause employees to feel “burnt out” and accept lower salaries with more responsibilities.

“Employers need to pay attention to their workforce. With the economy slowly on the mend, the grass may indeed be greener,” she said.

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