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What employees would ask for if they dared

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A large amount of any good manager’s time is spent focusing on their employees’ happiness. Given the high cost of employee turnover, it makes perfect business sense to try and please them. Unfortunately, this becomes difficult when there is limited communication between you and your team. If you don’t know what your staff are after, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to give it to them.

Since mind-reading most likely isn’t part of your skill set, it would be great if your team told you straight up what it is they want. In reality, that’s unlikely to happen. “Employees often fear voicing their wants, needs, and feedback will make them seem like complainers and lead to negative repercussions,” writes Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder and EVP of iOffice, on Inc.

To help managers out, she compiled a list of 10 things employees want from their leaders, but are too afraid to ask for. We’ve picked our three favourites below.

1. Fair compensation

When it comes to compensating your staff for their work, it’s always tough to find a balance. You might feel that you’re paying someone a fair wage considering the available budget, while they feel they’re not making enough money since they can’t afford a family vacation.

The key to ensuring employees are content with their salary is transparancy. In order for them to agree that their compensation is fair you have to provide them with the underlying arguments that led to their salary package. While you don’t have to justify every cent, giving staff some insight into the reasoning behind their pay can help them accept it.

2. Updated workplace technology

From web developers to dog walkers, most people can’t imagine doing their job without access to technology anymore. Unfortunately, technology develops fast and upgrades are expensive, leading many companies to not fully keep up with the times. As a result, 1 in 3 employees say the technology at their home is more cutting-edge than what they have to work with at the office.

If, understandably, you can’t afford to immediately supply all your employees with the newest techonological gadgets the minute they come out, at least make sure the systems you do have are regularly updated and running on the latest software.

3. Continuing education opportunities

Last year, a study by the Center for Talent Innovation revealed that 73% of Millennials say learning new professional skills is an aspect of intellectual growth that’s important to them in their careers. While there’s a lot to be said for learning by doing, many employees will be looking for a little bit extra.

Offering in-house training, including an education allowance as part of people’s benefits package, or simply allowing people to set aside one hour a week to take part in online courses can go a long way.

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