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This content has been brought to you by Grab.

Ever felt bogged down by slow and painful administrative processes, only emerging to wish for a more efficient alternative?

Grab for Work has a solution, targeted at HR and administrative professionals looking to not only streamline processes, but also empower their employees with a convenient travel experience.

Research by Unit4 shows that employees across Asia take a minimum of two hours just filing their expense claims every month, going up to 4-6 hours in Singapore and Malaysia. As a result, one in five employees is outright dissatisfied with their company’s processes.

Besides the attention-to-detail the job requires, there is often pressure on decision makers to cut costs, especially during the current tough times. Depending on whether these decision makers are business owners as well, it comes down to leading by example and setting the pace for the rest of the workforce to follow, in making cost-efficient transport decisions.

The solution? Grab for Work

To alleviate this problem, Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi), one of the region’s most popular mobile e-hailing application, has launched a new solution directed towards business decision makers, Grab for Work.

This corporate transport solution essentially seeks to make the job of managing a company’s transportation expenses much simpler. It is designed to be used for virtually any business travel, whereby employees can pay for their rides using corporate credit cards, personal credit cards, debit cards and even cash. Receipts are stored digitally, with the required trip details, ready to be sent to employees’ inboxes for submission towards claims.

To access the service, employers can create a Grab for Work group, add members to the group and start gaining visibility on incoming expenses. Employees just need to book a ride on the Grab app and correctly identify the app as a personal or a business ride. Post every ride, users and employers can find all business ride details by logging into Grab for Work, an online platform to view ride history and manage expenses all in one place.

Another bonus feature, if your company is using Concur, is the ability to auto link Grab receipts to Concur Connect via the Concur app, which is fully integrated with the app.

Business transformation at your fingertips

Whether you are a business decision maker, a senior manager or a corporate secretary, Grab for Work can restructure the transportation process, as well as increase transparency and insights into your company’s cash flow.

Park Hotel Group is one among Grab for Work’s many satisfied corporate customers, crediting its ability to leverage technology to solve the hospitality industry’s need for greater efficiency in administrative processes.

Elaine Toh, group HR director of Park Hotel Group, affirms: “With this innovative solution, we expect meaningful time savings for our associates, which would translate to higher productivity levels and allow more effective deployment of our human capital.”

Through freeing employees from having to manually declare each claim post-trip, evidently Grab for Work increases productivity by removing unnecessary paperwork. Professionals also don’t have to deal with lost or faded receipts, saving significant amounts of time and resources when filing their claims.

The solution provides consolidated statements for all business rides, letting you know where and when your employees are travelling. This allows you to keep track of your company’s cash flow and analyse the travel behaviour of your employees, enabling you to set the right transportation policies for your business.

Find out more about Grab for Work at OR register your interest here.

About Grab 

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, solving critical transportation challenges and making transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in the region.

The brand GrabTaxi was launched June of 2012 and has grown exponentiallysince, with the introduction of GrabCar in July 2014, GrabBike in November 2014, GrabExpress in July 2015 and global rideshare partnership was announced in December 2015.

Currently, with over 15 million mobile downloads, Grab has customers spanning six Southeast Asian countries (including Singapore, Malaysia and many more) and 30 cities.

A significant feature of Grab that distinguishes it from other taxis and private transport providers is safety. Through investing heavily in safety training for drivers, offline driver screenings, in-app safety features like number masking, personal accident insurance coverage, and safety education and partnerships with the government, Goal aspires to be the safest transport platform in Southeast Asia.

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