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Digi Telecom's new apprenticeship programme

Digi launches CXO apprenticeship programme for fresh grads

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Digi Telecommunications has launched a new apprenticeship programme, with a view to placing eight fresh graduates from Malaysia with eight members of the Digi management team, including the CEO.

The programme will be held for one year, and the apprentices will work directly with the senior team on a day-to-day basis across the full spectrum of issues and challenges they deal with.

This includes participating in key internal and external meetings, travelling across Telenor Group, and shadowing the management team.

“Our hope is that this degree of immersion and unparalleled exposure to front-lines of business and leadership right at the start of their career will accelerate potential in the fastest possible manner,” explained CHRO Haroon Bhatti in a blog post.

“And we will also learn from them. They will help us stay in touch with the digital native mindset and the needs of the next generation of customers.”

Digi’s CEO Albern Murty said during the launch: “As society, businesses and economies shift to become increasingly connected and digital, we have an opportunity to play a key role in grooming, shaping and accelerating the development of a majority share of our future working adults and leaders who will help shape Malaysia’s digital future and ambitions.”

“This programme does not leave mentorship to luck or chance but intentionally grooms young talent to build capabilities that will help them become major contributors to business earlier in their careers,” he added.

The eight CXOs from Digi scouting for an apprentice include: CEO, CFO, CMO, chief network officer, chief corporate affairs officer, CHRO, chief IT officer, and chief sales officer.

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Bhatti listed three key ambitions arising from this programme:

1. Ideas, not age – Give today’s digital natives a platform to lead with their ideas, work with people who would not hesitate to take bold bets on their ability and define them by their impact and not age.

2. Mentors, not bosses – With the intent to accelerate potential, each young talent would need a mentor who is willing to engage deeply and frequently, and keen to use their own experience to coach them.

3. Purpose, not just a job – In all the research available on Gen-Y/Millennials, there is one consistent theme – young people bring their best to the table when they are deeply inspired by a purpose.

“So if we wanted them to deliver impact at another level, then this needed to be an opportunity at another level. A cause instead of a 9-5 job,” wrote Bhatti.

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