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Did you get the job? 7 positive signs you did

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The days of waiting, after an interview especially when you think you did a good job can be torture. Although its impossible to be 100% sure you got the job after an interview, career site Glassdoor spoke to HR professionals and they recommend keeping an eye out for these signs, that an offer could be on its way.

“If” becomes “when”

For the most part recruiters and hiring managers won’t want to give too much away. They use generalities like;  ‘the person in this position would do XYZ, or ‘if hired, you would start at this time.’ But sometimes they might unintentionally give away that they think you are the best person for the job with phrases like, ‘this is where you’ll be working,’ or ‘our receptionist will help you get settled after HR training.’

Look for verbal cues like this to help you determine if you have a chance.

Body language says it all

Sometimes it’s not what they say but what they do that will indicate if you are the front-runner for the position. Head nods, agreeable sounds like ‘mhmms’ are good signs that they want you.

From formal to friendly

Most of the conversation will focus on business but if the conversation takes a more casual turn towards the end, you can view that as a positive sign.

There is no I in team

If they start introducing you to “possible” team members during or after the interview you can take it as a good omen for your chances at securing the job.

They try and impress you

If the interviewee starts mentioning perks and try to sell you the company it’s an indicator they really want you.

They tell you what comes next

The interview might have gone so well that they say something like, “we’ll reach out with an offer, next week.” Well then obviously things are looking good. But sometimes more subtle phrases can give that away too like, “we’ll be in contact soon” with a firm handshake, nod and smile are good clues that they want you.

However something vague like, “we’ll be in touch,” isn’t likely to yield the job.

A quick response

Its common practice to send a thank you email after an interview thanking the interviewer for their time. If the interviewer promptly responds to your ‘thank you’, you can take it as an indicator that they were really impressed.


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