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Contract work has the x-factor

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A majority of local employees are embracing contract work to better adapt to the current economic climate.

With contract work no longer limited to administrative or entry-level functions, 80% of 200 Singaporeans surveyed by Hays said they consider contract jobs an attractive option. Only 13% disagreed while 7% had no change in opinion.

“We are seeing employers engage contract workers as a long-term solution to their staffing needs and candidates are making the most of this trend as there are many advantages for them too,” Chris Mead, regional director of Hays in Singapore and Malaysia, said.

Contract work provides several benefits to both employers and workers, including flexibility, a higher earning power for specific skill sets and additional support for full-time staff.

Employees are also able to stretch their skills depending on the current contract job they take on, and companies are able to tap on a diverse range of experience and expertise.

“An added benefit of using contract workers is that they can be engaged and released at short notice, which can help organisations address challenging times in their business schedules,” the survey noted.

Contract work also gives employers the ability to trial talent and reduces the risk of a bad hire.

“Businesses often want to make sure a potential employee will fit in with the company culture, have the necessary skills for the position, that they want to commit to the role and will enjoy it,” the report said.

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