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Club Sandwich Index ranks Singapore’s affordability

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A unique price index which gives travellers an indication of how expensive different countries are has found Singapore to be the 18th most pricey country in which to buy a club sandwich.

The Club Sandwich Index, or CSI, is an annual list provided by for holidaymakers, and can be used by anyone – including HR professionals in charge of relocation management – to assess the general cost of various destinations.

This year, Singapore came in at 18th place, down one spot from last year’s ranking, with a club sandwich costing an average of S$19.28.

The most expensive city was Geneva, Switzerland, where a club sandwich will set you back a whopping S$40.91. Coming in at second place was Paris at S$36.86, followed by Helsinki, Finland, at S$30.57.

New Delhi in India remained the cheapest place for a club sandwich, costing just S$11.02.

The Index, which is in its third year of publication, reflects the actual average price of a club sandwich based off real prices paid by guests in 30 hotels – five, four and three stars – in either the country’s capital or popular tourist destination. This also reflects the effect of currency fluctuations each year.

A total 840 hotels were canvassed globally.

The Club Sandwich Index top 10 (changed to reflect SGD)

1. Geneva, Switzerland – $40.91

2. Paris, France – $36.86

3. Helsinki, Finland – $30.57

4. Stockholm, Sweden – $30.19

5. Oslo, Norway – $29.88

6. London, UK – $28.45

7. Tokyo, Japan – $27.75

8. Hong Kong – $26.68

9. Rome, Italy – $26.66

10. Copenhagen, Denmark – $26.30

For the full list go here.

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