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Government sign to show civil service boosts career paths for non-grads

Civil service to improve career paths for non-grads

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In a bid to close the gap in career prospects between graduates and non-graduates working in the civil service, the Singapore government is taking steps to boost diploma holders’ promotions and incomes.

From October this year, management support officers who perform well and are assessed to be ready to take on larger responsibilities can expect faster career progression.

These officers can receive their first promotion in two to four years compared to the current three to six years. If they continue to do well, their subsequent promotions will also be faster.

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Singapore’s Public Service Division (PSD) also announced merging more graduate and non-graduate schemes to give such officers the opportunity to progress on the same career track in a press release.

Currently, most graduates join the division under the management executive scheme while non-graduates are under the management support scheme.

The Public Utility Board, Singapore’s national water agency, is also developing a single engineering career path where diploma holders and Institute of Technical Education graduates can progress up the ranks, to take on wider engineering or managerial responsibilities.

“While fresh graduate and non-graduate officers are appointed at different starting salaries, it is their job performance and relevant skills that determine their career progression,” James Wong, deputy secretary (policy), PSD, prime minister’s office, said.

“As long as an officer does his work well and shows the potential to take on larger responsibilities, he will move up the ranks whether or not he is a graduate.”

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