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China is the best country in the world for flexible working

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China is the world leader in flexible working arrangements according to study by UK based Virgin Media Business.

SMB Asia World reported that 69% of employers in mainland China allow staff to work from any location, on any device, followed by the United States at 63%.

The high figures in both countries were in line with corporate desires of young talent today, the survey added.

Nine out of 10 of Generation Y identify flexibility in the workplace as a top priority, further driving the trend.

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The study also found that 69% of respondents believed remote working is critical to relieving work-related stress, and that 30 million people work from home in the U.S. – a number that Virgin Media Business predicts to increase by 63 % by 2020.

Virgin Media Business also predicted that by 2022,  60% of office-based employees will regularly work from home.

While flexible working arrangements seem like a global trend, employers in Hong Kong remain conservative about the idea.

Most believe it is difficult to manage staff and employees who adopt such a type of working, and are afraid that employees will abuse the arrangement, according to a recent research by Hong Kong Baptist University’s centre for human resources strategy and development and recruitment website CTgoodjobs.

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