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Zomato sick selfie sick leave policy

Check out Zomato’s new (un)official sick leave policy

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What started as an employee accidentally sending a sick-selfie to her colleagues has become all the rage at restaurant search service Zomato.

It has led to a new catchphrase at the company: “If you’re unwell, you’ve got to prove it.”

The new policy, introduced in jest, originated in Zomato’s Lebanon office, where a staffer sent a selfie of her resting in bed to her colleagues instead of the intended recipient.

“The picture (obviously) warranted a reply. And the rest of Zomato Lebanon wasted no time getting in on the fun – even from their cars…,” wrote brand manager Akshar Pathak in a blog post.

Zomato's sick leave selfies - taken from blog post

The sick-selfie has now become the (un)official way to call in sick at Zomato, as Pathak wrote, “This new tradition of sick-selfies will undoubtedly be passed on from one Zoman to the next.”

“Whether these pictures succeed in simply putting a smile on the team’s face for a few seconds, or help them bond in a moment they share, small things like these do their bit to shape the culture of a company.

“The workplace slowly becomes an experience bound by fun and friendship. And being sick can actually be a little less depressing.”

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