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Candidates unwilling to spend more than 20 minutes on job application

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Job candidates have admitted that they are less inclined to apply to companies with an application process that’s too long or inconvenient – despite being on the hunt for a job.

That was among the key points of new research by CareerBuilder, that surveyed over 5,000 workers across the United States and Canada, and 1,505 hiring decision makers in the United States.

These are the seven facts the report unearthed for employers to note on the job search experience:

1. 76% want to know how long the application process takes – before they start

A simple, straightforward application is preferred by candidates, among which one in five (20%) saying they are not willing to complete an application that takes them 20 minutes or more.

2. Two in three unwilling to wait more than two weeks to hear back from employer

Candidates can be quick to move on, which points to the need for an efficient hiring process in not only attracting them, but also retaining them throughout the cycle.

3. A majority (64%) research the employer online after reading a job posting

A strong online presence is essential for employers, in terms of both the company website as well as the career portal, given that 37% of candidates are ready to move on to the next company or job listing if they cannot find the information they need.

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4. The 2 things candidates expect in a job listing? Salary (74%), benefits (61%)

Candidates expect a detailed job listing, apart from details on pay, the study found them asking for employee ratings (46%), contact info of hiring manager (40%), and work-from-home options (39%).

A quarter also voted for wanting to see how many others applied for the role.

5. 1 in 10 Millennials would opt out of a non mobile-friendly job application

Millennials can be deterred by weak mobile capabilities – so if your site isn’t mobile-ready, your pages take too long to load or you have poor navigation through mobile, you could be missing out on young, fresh talent.

6. Job seekers use an average of 16 resources in their job search

The lesson for employers here is – make yourself an open book. Ensure that your company and its job listings are available in the various places that your target employees are.

7. Just 31% of employers have applied to their own job listings to experience the process

Recruiters must take on a different perspective, by stepping in to the shoes of a job seeker and go through the job hiring process themselves.

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