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Budget airline hiring for ‘worst job in Ireland’

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Ireland-based budget airline Ryanair is seeking an assistant for its CEO, Michael O’Leary. In what was described as the “Worst job in Ireland” in the job advertisement, the airline listed the unusual traits they are looking for in suitors for the role.

To begin with, candidates need to be a professional accountant able to assist the company’s misunderstood, but beloved CEO in managing a wide range of issues. Besides general accounting duties such as treasury and portfolio management, investment analysis and tax analysis and returns, candidates also need to deal with the general drudgery and to mollycoddle the CEO as part of their job description.

Other essential attributes include having a thick-skin, saint-like patience, aversion to bolloxology, owning a collection of nursery rhymes/bedtime stories (hopefully for the CEO’s children), the ability to operate without sleep or contact with the outside world, and finally, qualifications on ego massaging.

In all seriousness, however, the advertisement said it was “a great opportunity for an ambitious, self-motivated qualified accountant to work in a demanding and interesting role” and that “there will be significant opportunities for the candidate if successful to further develop their career by promotion into the management team at Ryanair”.

Sounds like your dream job? You can apply here.

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