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Do bosses want staff to work like machines?

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While machines can run almost endlessly on one source of power, unfortunately, your employees can’t do the same.

Employees have four core energy needs (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) which have to be met in order for them to be at their most productive at work.

So, how well are you meeting your employees’ needs? It seems, not very well.

In a survey by The Energy Project in partnership with Harvard Business Review, polling over 20,000 global respondents across industries, only 7% of people have all four core needs met at work.

Shockingly, 59% of respondents revealed that none of their needs are met at work, while 14%, 12% and 8% have one, two and three needs met at work respectively.

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The survey also found the top unmet needs under each category.

Under the physical needs category, 51% of respondents revealed that they do not have the time for more than one break in one working day.

At the same time, 55% said they lacked the opportunities to do what they most enjoy at work, under the emotional aspect.

Under mental needs, a whopping 72% indicated they do not have regular time set aside for creative or strategic thinking at the workplace, while more than two in three (68%) said they are unable to focus on one thing at a time.

Additionally, 55% said that they did not have a level of meaning and significance at work, falling under the category of unmet spiritual needs.


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