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Bizarre HR: Meet Al-Qaeda’s worst employee

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After several unsuccessful attempts to discipline him, Al-Qaeda leaders sent one final letter to their most difficult employee.

Apparently, international terrorist Moktar Belmoktar never turned up to meetings on time, didn’t fill out his expense reports, refused to take phone calls and ignored a “useless” meeting in Timbuktu.

These failings are detailed in a 10-page letter from the leaders of Al-Qaeda’s Northern African branch, which was discovered in an abandoned base in Mali by the Associated Press.

Although Belmoktar appeared to fall short in many aspects of his job, his bosses were most concerned that he failed to carry out a single operation properly, despite having all necessary resources at his disposal.

Upset with how his bosses were treating him, the letter details Belmoktar quit to start up his own competing terrorist group. He has since carried out two lethal operations which killed a total of 101 people.

The letter details the disappointment of Al-Qaeda leaders about their former employee.

“Your letter … contained some amount of backbiting, name-calling and sneering. We refrained from wading into this battle in the past out of a hope that the crooked could be straightened by the easiest and softest means. … But the wound continued to bleed, and in fact increasingly bled, until your last letter arrived, ending any hope of stanching the wound and healing it,” it read.

Belmoktar’s failings were also listed in an easy-to-read bullet point form.

“Abu Abbas is not willing to follow anyone,” they wrote, referring to him by his nom de guerre, Khaled Abu Abbas. “He is only willing to be followed and obeyed.”

The letter is signed by Al-Qaeda’s North African chapter’s 14-person Shura, or governing body.

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