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Bizarre HR: Does your boss value his laptop more than you?

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Sadly, the answer to the above question is often yes.

According to a survey by Brother International, 75% of small business owners said they care more about a malfunctioning laptop than an employee taking a sick day, because it is more disruptive.

These leaders’ dependency on technology is so extreme, they would give up a week’s vacation if it ensured they would never have to deal with technological issues at work ever again.

In fact, 86% of respondents said their productivity has been hampered by technology failing on them, and 77% said defective technology have caused them to miss deadlines and business opportunities.

However, while technology obviously plays a huge part in making sure a business runs smoothly, two thirds of leaders admitted they were overwhelmed by the amount of technology available.

Companies also do not seem to be reaping the full benefits of technology – 42% reported they do not use cloud computing, and only 28% “completely understand the concept of cloud computing”.

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