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Bizarre HR: Your boss is probably a mummy’s boy

Top executives admit they turn to their mothers when they need help making big decisions about business and life.

Two thirds of men who work as chief executives, surgeons, senior civil servants and in other similar jobs admit they are “mummy’s boys”, an online survey found.

In contrast, just one in five men in working-class jobs, and two in five in manual jobs or semi-skilled professions, admit to turning to mum, The Daily Mail reported.

According to the survey conducted by Love to Learn, 62% of men agreed a “mummy’s boy” is defined as someone who runs every life decision past his mother.

The men also said mummy’s boys are those who side with their mothers over everyone else (39%); who still lives with her (38%); whose mother still does his washing (37%); whose mother cooks his meals (28%) and who likes to spend time with his mother (18%).

Out of the 1,000 men and women questions, 41% of women said they would never date a mummy’s boy.

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