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Better benefits: KMB bus driver reveals his rail napping secret

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KMB’s latest Facebook video, which responds to the viral image of its bus driver sleeping by balancing himself across railings, has drawn a mixed response.

The image started making the rounds of social media this week as a sleeping bus driver demonstrated amazing acrobatic stunt by balancing across railings. Stunned to see the seemingly impossible resting posture, netizens had referred the bus driver as the character Yang Guo in Jun Yong’s martial arts novel, The Return of the Condor Heroes”, some even photoshopped versions of the bus driver doing yoga.

On the other hand, some netizens are less amused by the image, but more concern if there’s a lack of facilities where drivers can take a rest in between shifts.

KMB’s video, released on Monday, has not generated the positive response it expected. As the video used the online fuss to recruit more bus drivers, netizens took advantage of the feed to urge for improvements in resting facilities.

With more netizens concerned about KMB bus drivers’ resting conditions, the bus company has posted a new video last night, to share a short interview with the KMB driver in the photo, as well as introduce the company’s resting facilities.

In the video, the driver admitted he actually knows Kung Fu, and shared the skills to achieve the challenging posture.

When the moderator asked of why he wouldn’t use the resting facilities provided by KMB to take the nap, he responded, “I was just joking with my colleagues.”

Within 12 hours, the video has generated more than 386k views, 2400 shares, and 8.5k likes, hahas and wows. However, netizens still show a split response, with some praising KMB for a fun video, and some asking the bus company to spend more time and effort on improving employee benefits instead of creating PR stunts.

The story was first published in Marketing Interactive.

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