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The best jobs for HR professionals, in case they are fired

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In this gloomy economy, nobody’s job is safe. So what would happen if a seasoned HR professional like yourself were to be told that your services are no longer required, leaving you with no choice but to try and find another job to make ends meet?

HR blog HR Potato has listed out the careers HR professionals are likely to thrive in, in case they have to move on to other jobs. Let’s see if you’d be interested in any of these roles.

1. Fortune teller
HR professionals have such amazing people skills,  they can predict a person’s career prospect by simply asking him or her a few questions.  They could even charge an extra $100 to help clients brush up their CVs.

2. Private  investigator
Like the FBI, HR professionals are able to read the candidate’s (suspect’s) body language, making it really hard to lie to them. They are also excellent interviewers which make them the perfect person to interrogate suspects.

3. Porter
HR professionals are used to lifting heavy files in the office. Working in one of the most physically demanding departments in an organisation, they would have absolutely no problem doing heavy lifting.

4. Quality control
HR professionals are notorious for their obsession with perfection. They pay great attention to detail, so their eagle eyes would be able to spot the slightest defect in any products, making them perfect match for the job.

5. Ghosts in haunted houses
Every year during Halloween, theme parks in the city hire ghosts and monsters to man their haunted house. According to most candidates HR professionals, like ghosts, are scary-looking. So they could do the job without much make-up.

6. Security guard
With a great ability to recognise and memorise faces, HR professionals would be able to spot any strangers trying to come into the building. They would be able to greet all residents by name correctly and identify suspicious people loitering on the premises.

So to all the HR haters out there who think HR is a useless department that should not exist: HR is resilient, you can never get rid of them.

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